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Coffee Perculator 100 Cup

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Approx Brewing time for 100 cups is 90 minutes

  • Our Commercial Manual fill Coffee Perculator is ideal for meetings, functions rooms etc.
  • Capable of brewing 16 litres (100 cups) in just 65 minutes
  • Automatically holds the coffee at the ideal serving temperature for hours
  • Coffee basket and sight glass are calibrated in number of cups for ease of filling and best results everytime
  • Removable sight glass for easy cleaning
  • Fully enclosed fine mesh coffee basket
  • Safety locking lid handles
  • Robust design

Instructions for Use:

1 Remove the lid by rotating so that the retaining lugs slide out from the handles.

2 Pour cool water into the urn to the desired level as seen in the water level indicator (minimum 25 cups).

 3 Fill the filter basket (3) with medium or percolator ground coffee to the corresponding level marked on the inside of the filter basket:

8mm: 25 cups = 160–175g

16mm: 50 cups = 320–350g

24 mm: 75 cups = 480–525g

32mm: 100 cups = 650–700g

These are rough guidelines only and should be adjusted to suit the coffee used and strength required.

4 Cover the filter basket by the basket cover (2)

5 Slide the basket tray (4) onto the percolator tube and place inside the urn making sure that the foot of the tube is positioned centrally in the well.

6 Slide the filter basket with cover onto the percolator tube then replace the urn lid.

7 Plug the mains cable into the mains supply and press the power switch (12) to ON, the lamp in the switch will light up.

8 When the coffee ready neon (9) ‚ lights up, the brewing process is complete. The coffee will be kept at the correct temperature and coffee can be served. The tap has two positions – one, self closing for smaller amounts the other self holding for continuous pouring.

9 When there are only about 3 cups left in the urn, press the power switch to OFF and unplug from the mains supply.

 • For best taste do not keep the coffee for longer than 2 hours



WARNING Disconnect from the mains supply before cleaning and allow the coffee percolator to cool. IMPORTANT Do not use any abrasive cleaning fluids or materials.

1 Wash out the urn. Use clean water and a soft cloth.

2 Brush any scale or sediment from inside.

3 Rinse thoroughly. The water level indicator can be removed for cleaning by unscrewing the caps top and bottom.


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